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QAAC is an AAC / ALAC console encoder using the QuickTime API. Unlike iTunes, it allows you to encode AAC in True VBR mode.
TVBR – encoding in true VBR mode. The quality is indicated as a number from 0 to 127. The TVBR mode has no restrictions and can automatically select the bitrate when encoding, it all depends on the complexity of the audio material. If you want the highest possible quality from AAC, then of course encode into TVBR q127.
CVBR – encoding in limited VBR mode. The bitrate is specified in kbps – from 8 to 320. The CVBR mode was invented only to allow the bitrate to be set at the output and not mislead Apple users. For the iTunes Store, music is encoded in a 256 Kbps CVBR limited mode.
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Abbreviation: LM – lossy mastering
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