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Band: Dying Diva
Country: Italy
Genre: Post-Hardcore / Electronic
Status: RIP

Dying Diva


2019 – A Sunday Walk On Murder Avenue (10 Years Anniversary Edition)
Dying Diva
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Alimort
02. My Love for You Is Bombproof
03. Heartless Club Massacre
04. Friday Night Apocalypse
05. Murder Avenue
06. The Betrayal Awards
07. The Fine Art of Sharing Deadly Secrets
08. Zombies Ate My Neighbours
09. Murder Avenue (Remix)
10. My Love for You Is Bombproof (Retro)
11. Phantom Geisha (LM)
12. This Is Decadance (LM)
13. Enter Dying Diva (LM)
14. The Betrayal Awards (Demo) (LM)
15. Heartless Club Massacre (Demo) (LM)
16. Zombies Ate My Neighbours (Demo) (LM)

2010 – Born To Be My Baby (Single)
Dying Diva
Quality: MP3 LM

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