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Band: Covendetta
Country: USA
Genre: Post-Hardcore / Electronic
Status: RIP



2010 – SoundRaves & TechnoVision
Quality: MP3 128 CBR
01. Only You Would Head Bang To The Sound Of The Ocean
02. Eye Of The Lyger
03. Even You Were Black And White In The 50’s
04. Last Week Jesus Beat Me At Video Golf
05. There’s A Jungle Cat In The Bathroom
06. Be Responsible And Kill Your Zombie

2009 – Demo
Quality: MP3 LM
Even You Were Black And White In The 50’s
I’m Not Drowning Because There’s A Fishbowl On My Head

Other tracks:
Cave In (Owl City Cover) (MP3 128 CBR)
Come Clean (Hilary Duff Cover) (MP3 LM)

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