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Band: Close Your Eyes
Country: USA
Genre: Pop Punk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore
Status: RIP for me

Close Your Eyes



2011 – Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts
Close Your Eyes
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Hope Slips Away (The World Is Ours to Change)
02. Empty Hands
03. Erie
04. Valleys
05. Injustice
06. Paper Thin
07. Wormwood
08. Keep the Lights On
09. Carry You
10. Wolves (Ft. Jonathan Vigil)
11. Scars
12. Heavy Hearts

2010 – We Will Overcome
Close Your Eyes
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. A Proclamation
02. Friends Are Friends Forever
03. XChet SteadmanX
04. Digging Graves
05. The Body (Ft. Mattie Montgomery)
06. Song for the Broken
07. 17:20
08. Wake Up!
09. Bitter Path
10. Something Needs to Change
11. Arms Raised

2008 – Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes
Quality: MP3 320 CBR
01. Friends Are Friends Forever
02. Move Before Confusion Sets In (Dancerock)
03. Sky vs. Ground
04. This Lifeboat Wasn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us
05. Monotony Is My Middle Name
06. Oh God, This Is War

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