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Band: Chasing Safety (ex Us, From Outside)
Country: USA
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Status: Unknown
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Chasing Safety



2017 – Nomad
Chasing Safety
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Brand New Prison
02. Run & Hide
03. Erase Me
04. This Is Hell
05. Nomad
06. Long for More
07. World We Know
08. The Fall
09. Captive
10. Under Fire
11. Devil’s Son

2014 – Season Of The Dead
Chasing Safety
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Common Enemies
02. One Can Only Hope
03. Til Death Do Us Part
04. Far Away
05. My Revenge (Ft. Kyle Bihrle)
06. Shadowed by a Storm
07. Listen Clearly (Ft. Spencer Charnas)
08. Gentlemen
09. We Believe
10. Through Winters (Ft. Jason Lancaster)
11. Season Of The Dead (Ft. Garret Rapp)

2014 – The Machine
Chasing Safety
Quality: AAC CVBR 256
01. We Believe
02. No Way To Live
03. The Machine
04. Time Zones
05. Helena (My Chemical Romance Cover)

Other tracks 2015:
Dogs Of Justice (AAC TVBR q127)
See You Again (Wiz Khalifa Cover) (AAC TVBR q127)

Us, From Outside – 2011 – Revived
Chasing Safety
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. The Overthrown
02. Streets Of Lima
03. Patient Sixty-Seven
04. Cheating’s Her Disease
05. Revived
06. Your Heart And Mine
07. Side Two
08. Dreaming
09. Putting A Face To Fear
10. Because You Asked
11. This Love I’ve Found

Us, From Outside – 2010 – Inspired By The Threat Of Failure
Chasing Safety
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Who Saves the Savior?
02. Where’s My Chippy? There’s My Chippy!
03. No Ash, No Phoenix
04. I’m Not Locked In Here With You, You’re Trapped In Here With Me
05. I Will Smash Your Face In =)
06. I Thought You’d Be Dead By Now
07. The Honesty In Shadows And Reflections
08. I Am The Divine
09. I’m Not Opposed to Getting Hit By a Car
10. Smile Princess, You’re Perfect

Us, From Outside – Other track:
The End, If Not Your All (Acoustic Demo) (MP3 160 CBR)

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