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Country: USA
Genre: Deathcore / Experimental / Brutal / Beatdown / Downtempo / Djent
Status: Active
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2018 – Sleep It Away
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Sleep It Away
02. Pull The Plug
03. Heavy Rain
04. Collapse
05. Give Up
06. 1-800-273-8255

2018 – Talk Shit Get Kissed
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Talk Shit Get Kissed
02. We Are the Boyfriend Stealers
03. Pen Island (Ft. Ben Duerr & Dan Watson)
04. Save Yourself (Ft. Connor Reibling)
05. Goth Is the New Black (Ft. Ben Duerr & Dickie Allen)
06. Tickle War (Ft. Cj McMahon & Tyler Shelton)
07. Be My Valentine (Ft. Dickie Allen)
08. Erection Injection (Ft. Bob Williams)
09. Teenie Weenie (Ft. Howie Favichia & Lucas Mann)
10. Let Go (Ft. Andrew Patterson)
11. The Birds And The Brees (Ft. Luke Griffin & Mike Greenwood)
12. Hate Is a Disease

Other tracks:
Avalanche (BMTH Cover) (AAC TVBR q127)
Chow Down (Born Of Osiris Cover) (AAC TVBR q127)
Doris (Suicide Silence Cover) (Webrip)
Erased (Volumes Cover) (Webrip)
In The End (Chester Bennington Tribute) (AAC TVBR q127)
Paris ($uicideboy$ Cover) (AAC TVBR q127)
Temper Tantrum (Webrip)
The Ghost Of You (My Chemical Romance Cover) (Webrip)
Tuff Love (Ft. Duncan Bentley) (AAC TVBR q127)

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