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Band: Audrey Fights Back!
Country: Germany
Genre: Post-Hardcore / Electronic
Status: RIP

Audrey Fights Back!



2012 – Allure
Audrey Fights Back!
Quality: AAC CVBR 256
01. Out of Reach
02. Revitalize Me!
03. Treading Water
04. Interlude
05. We, the Regretless
06. No Time Like Present
07. Outro

2010 – Reflections
Audrey Fights Back!
Quality: MP3 VBR V0
01. Reflections – Intro
02. Press Play!
03. Trapped In Motion
04. Interlude
05. Harbor Of Compensation
06. We All Want Happy Endings
07. Stars On Demand
08. Interlude
09. Less Talk, More Rock!
10. Scrape The Sky
11. Reflections – Outro

Other track 2011:
Gettin’ Over You (David Guetta Cover) (MP3 320 CBR)

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