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Band: Attack Attack!
Country: USA
Genre: Post-Hardcore / Electronic
Status: RIP

Attack Attack!



2010 – Attack Attack!
Attack Attack!
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Sexual Man Chocolate
02. Renob, Nevada
03. I Swear I’ll Change
04. Shut Your Mouth (Ft. McSwagger)
05. A For Andrew
06. Smokahontas
07. AC-130
08. Fumbles O’Brian
09. Turbo Swag
10. Lonely (Ft. Jason Cameron)

2008 – Someday Came Suddenly
Attack Attack!
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Hot Grills and High Tops
02. Stick Stickly
03. Bro, Ashley’s Here
04. Shred, White & Blue
05. Party Foul
06. What Happens If I Can’t Check My MySpace When We Get There?
07. Interlude
08. The People’s Elbow
09. Kickin’ Wing, Animal Doctor
10. Dr. Shavargo Pt. 3
11. Catfish Soup
12. Outro

2008 – If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?
Attack Attack!
Quality: MP3 LM
01. The People’s Elbow
02. Dr. Shavargo Pt. 2
03. Party Foul
04. What Happens If I Can’t Check My Myspace When We Get There?
05. If Guns Are Outlawed
06. On The Porch
07. Healthy Normal
08. Poison Sumac Body Wrap
09. Stick Stickly

Other tracks:
Dr. Shavargo Pt. 1 (Webrip)
I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry Cover) (AAC TVBR q127)
Myspace Exclusive Only (Webrip)
Sexual Man Chocolate (Demo) (Nick Barham vocals) (MP3 128 CBR)

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