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Band: Atlantis Awaits
Country: Australia
Genre: Alternative Rock
Status: RIP

Atlantis Awaits



2013 – Dying To Live
Atlantis Awaits
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Letters in Wonderland
02. Get Wise
03. Rebirth
04. Chosen Ones
05. Intervention
06. Rumours
07. Dreamchaser
08. Here With You
09. Weight of the World
10. The Angel

2010 – Atlantis Awaits
Atlantis Awaits
Quality: AAC LM
01. Deeper Than Me
02. The Angel
03. Up Against the Wall
04. We Can Be the Ones
05. Cradle

Other track 2013-2014:
Afraid (The Neighbourhood Cover) (MP3 VBR V0)
Hourglass (AAC TVBR q127)
Intervention (Acoustic) (MP3 LM)
Self Sabotage (MP3 128 CBR)

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