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Band: At The Throne Of Judgment
Country: USA
Genre: Metalcore / Death Metal
Status: RIP

At The Throne Of Judgment


2007 – The Arcanum Order
At The Throne Of Judgment
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Cacophonus
02. Sentinel
03. Mariner’s Cutlass
04. Horus Rises
05. Discarnate By Design
06. Four Winds
07. Celestial Scourge
08. Martyrdom; Ruin Of Gaia
09. Tomb Of The Thracians
10. Delphic Star
11. The Captive
12. Untitled

2006 – Demo
Quality: MP3 128 CBR
01. Intro
02. Genocide of the Wise
03. The Blood Flow
04. Tomb of Tharacian

Other tracks 2013:
Goblin Kaiser (MP3 128 CBR)
The Diabolist (Demo) (Webrip)

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