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Band: Ashes Of December
Country: Australia
Genre: Metalcore / Deathcore / Hardcore
Status: RIP

Ashes Of December



2017 – Riff In Peace
Ashes Of December
Quality: AAC CVBR 256
01. Riff In Peace
02. Vote 1 Cam Brady (Ft. Ravi Sherwell & Dan Bouboulas)
03. Dead Note (Ft. Ravi Sherwell & Dan Bouboulas)

2011 – Dying Is For Fools
Ashes Of December
Quality: MP3 VBR V0
01. Not At The Table, Carlos
02. Dead Tanson
03. Thank You, Mr. Sheen
04. Suck Shit, Get Fucked
05. Only Batman Is Forever
06. Dying Is For Fools
07. In Medias Res
08. In The Absence Of Humanity, Press 3 & Hold
09. “Is This the End?” She Asked

2010 – Secret Burdens
Ashes Of December
Quality: MP3 320 CBR
01. Green Envy Eyes
02. Galliant
03. Black Pearl
04. Your Charade
05. Secret Burdens

Other track 2010:
Amongst The Palace Of Rats (MP3 LM)

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