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Band: Artificial Heart
Country: Finland
Genre: Metalcore / Hardcore
Status: RIP

Artificial Heart



2014 – My Weakness, Your Strength
Artificial Heart
Quality: MP3 128 CBR
01. Right & Wrong (Ft. Salla Smith)
02. Four Eyes
03. Lifelines
04. My Weakness Is Your Strength
05. Hollow Silhouettes (Ft. Andy Gruhin)

2013 – A Heart Once Lost
Artificial Heart
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Paradox Of A Liar
02. A Heart Once Lost
03. Ambition
04. Devil’s Hold ‘Em
05. Reckless Bastards
06. Forecast Fatal
07. The Tempest
08. City Of Lights
09. Escapism
10. Rising Resistance
11. The Promised Land

2011 – Broken Bones & Buried Dreams
Artificial Heart
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Intro
02. Recreation From Inspiration
03. Taste The Life Of The Undead
04. Broken Bones & Buried Dreams
05. City Of Lights

2010 – Deliverance
Artificial Heart
Quality: MP3 LM
01. Artificial Heart
02. Endless Shore
03. Deliverance

Other tracks 2011-2013:
My Confession (Webrip)
Our Conclusion (Webrip)
Paradox Of A Liar (AAC CVBR 256)

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