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Band: Armageddon Awaits
Country: USA
Genre: Metalcore / Deathcore / Symphonic
Status: Unknown
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Armageddon Awaits



2016 – Freak Show
Armageddon Awaits
Quality: AAC CVBR 256
01. Psychosis
02. Armageddon
03. Death Wish II
04. Freak Show
05. Possession

2013 – Deplorable Demise
Armageddon Awaits
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. This Wretched Haunting
02. Death Wish
03. Circuits
04. Deplorable Demise
05. No End in Sight (Ft. Derek Moffat)
06. Dear Miscreants

2012 – Awaiting The End
Armageddon Awaits
Quality: MP3 128 CBR
01. Filth
02. Silence of Night
03. Change
04. Are You Better Than Me

Other tracks 20??-2013 :
Bitch Lies Bitch Dies (MP3 128 CBR)
Dear Miscreants (Demo) (MP3 128 CBR)
This is Halloween (AAC TVBR q127)

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