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Band: A Scent Like Wolves
Country: USA
Genre: Metalcore / Post-Hardcore / Progressive
Status: Active
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A Scent Like Wolves



2018 – Spirit Vessel
A Scent Like Wolves
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Angelwrath (Ft. Ryo Kinoshita)
02. Rain Dancer
03. Rat Race
04. Almost Human
05. Devilspit

2017 – Inside Out (Single)
A Scent Like Wolves
Quality: AAC TVBR q127

2016 – Frigid Future
A Scent Like Wolves
Quality: AAC TVBR q127
01. Into the Grey
02. Caught In
03. American Winter
04. Medicate the Past
05. Haunted
06. Hands of Porcelain
07. Sycophant
08. Okami
09. Empty World
10. Ghost of the Grave
11. Just a Shade of Blue

2013 – .​.​.​And The Story Goes
A Scent Like Wolves
Quality: AAC CVBR 256
01. Prologue
02. You Don’t Deserve Me
03. Harrison Ford (vs. A Pack Of Wild Boars)
04. Off Your High Horse
05. My Heart On Ice
06. Ocean City
07. Shotgun Shells Are In The Back
08. Step 4 (Ft. Fronz)
09. Game Changer (Ft. Ricky Armellino)
10. She Dreams In HD

2011 – Holding Hands With Fake Reality
A Scent Like Wolves
01. Buried in a Pillow
02. Dry Balls
03. Above the Stars
04. A Thought and a Half
05. Jersey Shart
06. Fake Reality
07. Devils Never Cry
08. 66 Slum Avenue
09. Phoenix
10. Raise Your Glass, Girl

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