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Band: A Moment To Capture
Country: UK
Genre: Post-Hardcore / Electronic
Status: RIP

A Moment To Capture


2013 – One Last Time
A Moment To Capture
Quality: MP3 LM
01. Intro
02. Betrayed
03. Dead And Gone
04. Trapped In A Lost Memory
05. You Fall, You Die!
06. The Last Time
07. Interlude
08. Back To Reality
09. I, Myself And Me
10. Save Me

Other tracks 2014-2017:
Anahita (Webrip)
Asylum (MP3 128 CBR)
Broken Man (Webrip)
Find Me (MP3 128 CBR)
Stand As One (MP3 128 CBR)
The Path (MP3 128 CBR)
Watch It Burn (MP3 128 CBR)

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